Tarot Face to Face

So just when you might start thinking: “Marcus and Tali have written ANOTHER book, what more can they have to offer and are they going to start repeating themselves or rehashing and regurgitating stuff ?” The answer is yes (to the first bit) – they have written another book and yes, they have LOTS more to offer and yes, new material (not rehashed) awaits you. I think they both need an extremely... read more

Spring and Travel Reading

Margaret Letzkus’s Sacred Places in the Tarot is a timely reminder to find space and time for the soul’s contemplation in the midst of everyday life. I chose to read it on a rare Spring morning in our garden, on a balcony that has become a place of serenity, renewal and freedom from the work of the day; attributes that Margaret assigns respectively to the High Priestess, Star and the World. This is an... read more

Autumn Reading

Hello All What are you reading for Autumn? I have some way heavy material including Revelations of Chance by Rodney Main, on “synchronicity as spiritual experience” and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s PsychoMagic, “the transformative power of shamanic psychotherapy”. The Tarosophist read more

Tarot Professionals

Hello All Welcome to the Tarot Book Club and watch this space for excellent Tarot buzz in the following days, weeks and beyond! Do also check out the following sites for the best in Tarot worldwide, social networking for Tarot and Oracular Divination … Restoring the Spiritual Dignity of Tarot (Book pub. December 1st 2010): Tarot to Engage... read more

Tarot Book Club Video

See our Tarot Book Club Video. read more