Tarot Face to Face

So just when you might start thinking: “Marcus and Tali have written ANOTHER book, what more can they have to offer and are they going to start repeating themselves or rehashing and regurgitating stuff ?” The answer is yes (to the first bit) – they have written another book and yes, they have LOTS more to offer and yes, new material (not rehashed) awaits you. I think they both need an extremely... read more

Tarot for Beginners

I met Barbara Moore a little while ago and when reading this book, it was easy to have a mental image of her talking directly and personally to me. I believe this will be the same whether you have met Barbara or not – such is the accessibility of the text. I first came across Barbara’s quirky humour and accessible style in her introduction to Mary K. Greer’s book, The Complete Book of... read more